A. Wayne started writing before she knew how. Always surrounded by books and encyclopedia she was curious about what hid on each page. She wrote her first novel when she was only twelve years old and kept coming up with new stories almost everyday. Her passion for the paranormal and pseudoscience had her wish she would become an author who would make people happy.

Obsessed with research, science and writing, A. Wayne is always keeping her knowledge acute with diplomas in Editing, Blogging, Social Media, Self-Publishing, Writing, Ufology and Astronomy. She has a passion for learning and her novels reflect her ever growing desire to know more about the lore she writes about with so much passion.



So upon getting this book I was ramped and ready for another romance novel and all the drivel that those possess.

I was shocked when lo and behold this well written book was able to not only build up the characters in a way that leaves you wanting to know more about them individually, but also more about the secondary characters unmet as of yet.

A really good paranormal romance that keeps you hanging on til the last words.

Kendra Hale,

Simply fabulous. I loved this book, Alexa Wayne is a remarkable storyteller!

Coralie is a writer who writes about haunted houses' and supernatural beings and one night when she is out walking suddenly vampires  surround her, and the world she thought of just fantasy becomes very real. When Lautaro their leader decides to make Coralie his next meal Damian Blackwood comes to her rescue claiming she's his wife, but that night is a blur when Coralie awakens in Damian's home with only bits and pieces of what has happened. There is someone close to Damian who is mind controlling not only Coralie and causing her to fear Damian every time he tries to touch her, and it is affecting his guards and other of his people too! Is it the head of his guard the caring and quite Ryan or the ex-blood donor/girlfriend Sarah or has Lautaro found a way to get back at Damian for taking Coralie away from him? The chemistry between Damian and Coralie is hot.

Also, no matter how much Coralie fights not to be pulled into Damian's sensual embrace, she's falling for this sexy vampire hook, line, and sinker. I can't wait to read more from this writer.

This novel was such a good short book that I couldn't put it down and end up reading two times.

Alexis Long,

Kat Valentine,


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